Pal Dragos: The unknown and enormous destructive power of hashish use

Synopsis: Significant deficits of drug research in orthodox medicine. Politics of hashish mania. Alcohol consumption and hashish use have considerable differences in terms of destructive power. Green Party’s Pothead Initiative. Fallacies about drug legalization. The unknown destructive power of the hashish effect. Anthropological and energy body philosophical view on hashish use. Paralysis of life energy and self-healing power of hashish users. Which constitutions are drawn to hashish? Disposition to induration and hashish use. Reasons for the development of induration disposition. More »

Pal Dragos: Contemplation

Synopsis: The four phases of human development. Problems of today’s mental development phase. What is the integrative development phase? Contemplation and magical development phase. Contemplation and sensibility. Differences between Chinese and Western medicine. Harry Potter as ersatz (substitute) for magic. Spiritual immersion in contemplation. Contemplation and religion. Differences between contemplation and meditation. Sun and moon principle. Destruction of sensibility in the “head culture.” C. G. Jung and the collective unconscious. More »

The unknown out-of-body phenomenon in homeopathy – Derailment of the subject – On the pathology of energy body powers

Synopsis: What is out-of-body syndrome? The term out-of-body syndrome according to George Vithoulkas. Ever more patients are afflicted by the out-of-body syndrome. Out-of-body syndrome from the energy body-oriented homeopathy perspective. Derailment of the subject. According to homeopathy, out-of-body syndrome works like a blockage (miasma). Out-of-body syndrome therapy. Manifestations of out-of-body syndrome. Inclination towards induration of the energy body powers in the postmodern era. Energy body induration and out-of-body syndrome. More »

Pal Dragos: Psychotherapy and Homeopathy – When does collaboration yield benefits? Part II

Synopsis: Classical and vital subject. Subject ersatz, Kopfmenschen and psychotherapy. Kopfmenschen and homeopathy. The EGO has no access to life energy. Egoists and homeopathy. Magical, mythological, mental and integrative development phases. Psychotherapy as “subject support.” Manipulation through mega-potencies. Somatization and inclination to relapse. Various forms of somatization. Exploiting homeopathy. Homeopathy and antidepressants. Orthodox medicine and homeopathy. More »

Pal Dragos: Psychotherapy and Homeopathy – When does collaboration yield benefits? Part I

Synopsis: Choice of complementary psychotherapeutic methods. Achieving a dialog between the conscious and the unconscious.Patient structure in the homeopathic practice before postmodernity.Kopfmenschen and patient structure in postmodern times. Individual and social somatization.Benefits of Jungian psychotherapy. Why the classical subject in homeopathy needs less psychotherapeutic supplementation. Structure formation through the superego in the classical subject.Metabolic structure and spiritual stability. More »

Pal Dragos: Therapy using LM potencies – Dialog from the viewpoint of energy body-oriented homeopathy

Synopsis: Dedicated to Mr. Harimohon Choudhury, one of the best homeopaths of India. The most important LM potencies in practice. When are LM potencies used for therapy? How to determine LM potency level. Dosaging of LM potencies. The “one glass method” at start of therapy. Storage and shelf life of LM potencies. From what age on can LM potencies be used. Accelerated development of drives in youth in the postmodern era. Drive development and structure of metabolic powers. More »

Pal Dragos: Therapy using homeopathic potencies, Part II – Hahnemann‘s Organon of the Healing Art from today’s perspective

Synopsis: Regarding the current significance of the Organon of the Healing Art. Relationship between classical and energy body-oriented homeopathy as metamorphosis (Goethe). Adaptation strategy in adherence to the master in classical homeopathy. Energy body-oriented homeopathy as self-actualization. Hahnemann’s position on LM potencies. Most important changes to treatment strategy using potencies in energy body-oriented homeopathy. Hahnemann’s “linear solution approach.” Tripartite structure of life energy. Correlation of life energy to the physical portion of the energy body. Structural difference between Hahnemann’s patients and those in our time. Kopfmenschen’s “integration of matter” in homeopathy. When are D and C potencies or LM potencies prescribed today? More »

Pal Dragos: Questions and answers to the antibiotic trap

Synopsis: The lack of individualization in orthodox medicine. Standard therapies. When are antibiotics necessary? Preference for a mitigation strategy without side effects. Avoiding suppression of symptoms in the case of infections. Homeopathy instead of antibiotics? Danger of pseudo-homeopathy. Can homeopathy always avoid antibiotics? Energy body-oriented principles for prescribing antibiotics. Do not administer antibiotics and homeopathy at the same time. Weakening of children’s immune system in postmodern times. Vaccinations viewed from energy body-oriented homeopathy. When are antibiotics necessary in childhood diseases? Antibiotics and homeopathy are not mutually exclusive. More »

Pal Dragos: Too many antibiotics being prescribed? Are doctors at fault? Is postmodernity thwarting a sustainable medicine?

Synopsis: Too many antibiotics prescribed? DAK report on antibiotic use. Doctors as scapegoat for social development? One-sidedness and fallacies in the DAK report. Wishful projections (parental images) on doctors. Scant information on gradual weakening of the immune system. Self-actualization of health. The will to the energy body. Sustainable care and support of the immune system. Force-oriented egoism and immune weakness in postmodernity. Immune-weakening strains on the body are inadequately studied. Hashish consumption and head sex as immune stressors. Birth control pill and immune system stressors. Time factor at medical practices. Patients have little time for their own health. Energy body-oriented homeopathy to treat antibiotic resistance. More »

Pal Dragos: Therapy using homeopathic potencies from the energy body-oriented perspective – Part I

Synopsis: Significance of appropriate potency levels. Considered in energy body-oriented homeopathy: simile, potency level, dosage rhythm. Tripartism of human life energy. Reaching metabolic powers using LM potencies. Reaching nervous powers by D and C potencies. Shaking (grinding) and dilution in potentiation. Danger of mega-potencies. Correlation of potency to matter. Disadvantages of eliminating LM potencies. More »